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Schiller and Berlin Show Orchestra
Audio cover


cinematography: Benjamin Frik

visual arts: Nicolas Kamenisch

keying: Janik Schöbel

production: Legrain Productions Felix Neumann

The music of the musician and producer Mokkasin combines in Berlin-Trap, ethnic spheres, and thick Downbeats with charisma and finesse themes like consciousness, time, and reflection. Downbeat, Chill Trap and Future Sound are Mokkasin's side dishes to his tracks.
His song “Time” puts us in weightlessness and at the same time we are held in the groove. (MOKKASIN) : “...time connects everything living and mechanical and yet it remains relative..., perfect for a timeless song”. 
In the accompanying video, MOKKASIN navigates us through flowing spheres and time capsules - a delight for cineasts.

The multi-talented musician works with numerous producers and artists like Siriousmo, Rhythm Monks, Ziowintz, Jim Dunloop, Schiller, Benno Blome, Jan Driver and more. Its smooth, analog sound is cinematic, chilled, and inviting.

mixed and produced by: MOKKASIN

©LEGRAIN Records 2024

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cover Moccasin Higher
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