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Schiller and Berlin Show Orchestra
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Higher (Mokkasin Remix)MOKKASIN


This remix accompanies the release of Gene Siewing´s “Higher” E.P. which includes the original house version of Higher. To be released on Mai 24th 2024.

Mokkasin did the original's recording, mixing, and arrangement and came up with his additional trap version.

The track features Ingrid Arthur. A queen with a rich, powerful traditional gospel background with an almighty voice that speaks to the soul. Having shared stages with great pioneers such as T. Hawkins, Shirley Caesar, and world-renowned “The Weather Girls”, Mrs. Arthur's performance on Higher is nothing short of a blessing coming from the celestial realms. 

Higher is a message to remind us that celebrating our similarities, not our differences is our strength. 

The music of the musician and producer Mokkasin combines in Berlin-Trap, ethnic spheres, and thick Downbeats with charisma and finesse themes like consciousness, time, and reflection.

Born in Berlin, Mokkasin alias Felix Neumann is deeply involved in the Berlin music scene as a musician and producer. After studying music, his band “Total Vocal” got a major deal with BMG. In the years that followed he worked with many stars such as Jimmy Somerville, Nik Kershaw, Andrew Roachford, Billy Ocean, Holly Johnson, Marlon Roudette , and he also created orchestral arrangements and live shows with stars in all possible casts. 

mixed and produced by: MOKKASIN

©LEGRAIN Records 2024

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cover Moccasin Higher
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